Freedom Paranormal is a team of experienced investigators who conduct research into the paranormal using a mixture of technological, scientific and new-age techniques.

Our team uses a variety of state of the art photographic, recording, and measurement devices to capture evidence of paranormal phenomena and activity. We rely primarily upon objective, verifiable data while conducting our investigations.  This might include camera or video images and recordings, audio recordings, or temperature and electro-magnetic field data.

Once all data, visual and audio evidence has been obtained and reviewed, we then corroborate this evidence with personal experience and metaphysical findings to identify the possible presence of paranormal activities including residual and intelligent hauntings, poltergeist activity, and psychic phenomena.

Freedom Paranormal is available to provide consultation, research and investigation for private clients experiencing paranormal activity in their own home or business.

We never charge for our services.

Our team is focused on conducting respectful, serious investigations of paranormal phenomena. We do not engage in provocation or similar behaviors, and make every attempt to identify and address the concerns of any client who comes to us and requests an investigation.

On rare occasions, we may assist clients in “clearing” their home or business, if warranted and desired.  However, it is not our usual practice to provide or recommend clearings.  In the rare case that an intervention beyond a simple clearing and warding is recommended, Freedom Paranormal can provide referrals.